Sky Queen

There are extremely complex slots with loads of different bonus features where each spin seems to be an event in its own right. Sometimes there’s so much going on that you need to stop and catch your breath just to catch up with what’s just happened. 

Other slots go in the opposite direction. They’re pretty basic, may not have a bonus feature at all or even a Wild, for that matter. They’re the sort where you might need a coffee just to stay awake rather than a cool drink just to calm down.

But then you get games that are somewhere in the middle. There’s enough going on to keep you interested and on the edge of your seat, but it’s not overwhelming.

This one is one such game. It’s perfect for the intermediate player looking to enjoy the action while also knowing it’s a game that’s going to give you a fair crack of the whip when it comes to ending in profit.



It’s a 5x3 reel slot with 50 paylines.

As per usual, winning combinations pay from left to right and you’re going to need three or more of the same symbols on adjacent reels to secure a win.

The more you’re playing that spin for, the more you’ll win on each spin. And how much you’re playing for is determined by how much you want to play for. Just hit those plus and minus buttons to get to the stake you want to play at.

The beautiful, mysterious lady with the headdress is the Wild. We’re assuming she’s the Sky Queen!

She appears on all Reels bar Reel 1 in the base game and all reels (including Reel 1) during the free games.

The Sky Queen will substitute for all symbols bar the Scatter and the Sun symbol but can provide some…sky high…prizes in her own right. Five Wilds will give you 75x your bet.

We’ll tell you what the two other special symbols do just now.


Tips and Strategy 

Never be afraid to walk away when you’re in profit.

A good run on the free games or a decent go on the Fire Blaze Respin feature are probably your best routes to a big win.

But that’s not to say another one is just around the corner. On the balance of probability, you may have to wait a while for your next big windfall.

So, if you’ve just won big, don’t be afraid to take the money. You can always come back later, or just play another slot. There’s plenty to choose from.

Bonus Rounds

Let’s look at how you really win big here: thanks to these bonus features.

Free Games

Assuming the Sky Queen is of Incan origin, then we can only assume that the Scatter symbol is a pyramid of the sort that remarkably, was already around at the time of the Incan civilization.

But if you’re more interested in what it does than where it comes from, we’ll tell you: it’s your route to the free games and you’ll need three or more to activate the round, starting with eight of them.

There’s nothing particularly unique about the free games compared to how they work on other slots.

But the Fire Blaze Respin feature can be activated here just like in the base game and you can retrigger the round and play an additional eight free games by getting another three Scatter symbols during it.   

Blaze Respin Feature

The sun symbol can appear on any reel, and you’ll want at least six of them appearing on any given spin.

Get them and you’re looking at three respins coming your way. The coins will each have a value on them and will stay locked in position for the duration of the feature.

You’ll get three respins, to begin with, but each additional sun symbol landed means another three are coming our way. As long as new suns keep coming in during the respins, more respins will be landing on your lap time and time again.

This will keep going until you run out of respins. At that stage all the sun symbols will be counted up and you’ll be paid out on all of them.



The Grand Jackpot is paid out when all 15 squares on the reel are filled with sun symbols. You’ll be paid out 2,000x your stake. That’s the big one of course but there are other Jackpots up for grabs.

Here’s how you win them.

Major jackpot = total bet x 500, pays out when held jackpot star transforms into the major icon.
Minor jackpot = total bet x 100, pays out when held jackpot star transforms into the minor icon.
Mini jackpot = total bet x 20, pays out when held jackpot star transforms into the mini-icon.



One of the things you want from a slot is that it’s easy on the eye and that you can completely understand what’s going on in the reels.

In that regard, you can have no complaints about Sky Queen.

Symbols are bright and colourful- we particularly like the Sky Queen herself- and the action is easy to follow.  When you win big, there are some cool celebratory animations just to make you feel even better about what you’ve juts pocketed.


Final Thoughts

As we started by saying, this is a sort of ‘in-between’ slot on the complexity, difficulty and volatility stakes so in that regard, it will appeal to just about very slots player. 

One of the nice things about this game is that bonus features aren’t that hard to activate, and you generally walk away with something decent on them, though the Jackpots are understandably harder to nail.

Either way, most players will enjoy what this game has to offer.