5 Super Sevens & Fruits

Long before slots had as many as five or six different bonus features, at least one Wild (and sometimes more) and at times resembled video games played for money, there were very different types of slots.

They were simple, normally had a load of fruit symbols and didn’t have any bonus features at all.

Rolling back the years to a time when they were what people played, is this one. It’s worth explaining that this isn’t a game made 20 years ago that’s been around ever since. But rather, it’s a recent game that has ‘retro’ written all over it.

If it’s an all-action slot you’re after, this one won’t be for you.

But if you’re a beginner when it comes to slots, want to take a trip down memory lane or like your games unfussy and straightforward, then you may well like this one here.


There are no Wilds here and the Scatters aren’t your route to a bonus round.

There are Scatters, yes, but they’re pretty much just another symbol, the difference between them and the other symbols being that the Scatters don’t need to be in a line for you to get a payout. As long as you get three or more of them anywhere, you’ll get a prize.

It’s also possible to get paid out twice in one spin: you get the win from symbols in a line and a second one if there are three or more Scatters in view, as well.

But if the game lacks bonus features, as we’ll soon see, it does have the big advantage of paying not just from left to right (which is the norm) but also from right to left.

You can of course adjust your bet and the maximum amount per spin is 100 Euros/GBP which is pretty high. Get three or four Red Sevens, the most valuable symbol, and you’re looking at a very ‘fruitful’ session! 

Tips and Strategy 

The Autoplay function is good for players who can be a bit lazy about hitting that Spin button every few seconds.

You can choose to play a number of spins automatically.

But it’s not the best idea to just put the game in Autoplay mode and then just go off and make a cup of tea.

Because it’s possible that somewhere during Autoplay you secure a big win but that with the game carrying on, you end up playing lots of spins without decent wins and you end up losing what you won to begin with.

Moral of the story: use Autoplay if you wish but keep your eyes on the action so you can adjust your stake or even walk away while you’re ahead.

Bonus Rounds

As we said very early on, there aren’t any bonus features as such. Or at least, there aren’t stand-alone bonus rounds like free spins or pick’em rounds.

But in a way, the fact you can get two payouts, one via the winning payline and one via the Scatters, is a bonus feature in its own right.

As is the fact that wins pay both ways. 



This slot has many of the hallmarks of a game made a good 30 or 40 years ago which you’d find in a dusty casino somewhere amid a load of cigarette smoke and cocktail waitresses.

Many but not all. Despite the fact that the slot is very simple in terms of the gameplay and everything else, the design of it is bright, sharp, eye-catching. In other words, the design is actually pretty modern.

What’s also quite cool is that with each spin you can actually hear the wheels spinning with a slightly wooden sound, like you were in an actual casino. 


Final Thoughts

For those who can get a bit overwhelmed if slots are too complicated and where there’s too much going on, this could be a game you might enjoy.

It really isn’t complicated and with a medium level of volatility- you get consistent wins rather than few wins but big ones when they do come in- it’s right for beginners or those who enjoy spinning without risking too much money.

So, it’s a throwback to the times of old-school slots, one-armed bandits, call them what you like.

And it’s either going to be right up your street, or it’s not.